You can view my resume here.

I am a technical specialist working as a software architect, developer mentor, agile methodologies champion
and advisor to business in the Microsoft .NET space. I have over 14 years of successful local and international
experience and expertise in enterprise level IT system and software design with proven problem solving
abilities. I hold a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering as well an M.Sc. in Bioinformatics.

I am strongly business-value focused and highly pragmatic. I pursue business directed IT goals with stringent
engineering practices to reliably deliver on business requirements with solutions that are both maintainable
and extensible. I believe that enterprise software architecture should support business strategy and the various
stakeholders needs rather than just the system and its design.

I have a good understanding of the softer issues of IT solutions, such as change management, considering
end-users and including stake holders early to foster ownership and inject excitement for new projects.
I have a passion for creating business process management solutions that have created measurable business
benefits such as optimisation of business information flow, ensuring adherence to key business strategies
and providing un-paralleled insight into business operations.

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