About Me

As a seasoned professional in the tech industry, I have come to understand that investing in the right people and processes is essential for achieving success. I firmly believe that enabling teams to fully comprehend the underlying reasons for a customer’s problem and by fostering an environment of collaboration and removing the fear of failure, we can effectively address and solve these issues, leading to delightful customer experiences.

Creating a culture of continuous technical learning is a key factor in driving innovation and delivering real business value. By promoting ongoing education and development, teams are able to translate their ideas into tangible results. I strongly believe that a happy, empowered, and accountable team is the cornerstone of any successful technical operation, and I am committed to building and nurturing such teams to achieve technical excellence.

I hold a strong belief that technology should be viewed as a tool rather than an end in itself. It is crucial that every technical solution implemented is tailored to effectively address the specific customer and business challenges at hand, while also remaining adaptable to the ever-evolving technological landscape.

As a skilled generalist, I possess the ability to apply innovative technical problem-solving skills to a diverse range of business challenges in a calm, methodical manner - irrespective of the scale of the task. I thrive on tackling complex problems, and am driven to make a meaningful contribution to society. Looking back, I hope to see that my work has had a positive impact, and that the solutions I’ve helped to create have made a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Operational Stack:

Product Management, SCRUM, KANBAN, KPIs/OKRs, DISC personality profiles, TDD, BDD, DDD, BPMN, CI/CD, GitLab, DevOps, Jira, Confluence, Adobe XD, Figma, User Journey Mapping.

Tech Stack:

AWS, Azure, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Grafana, Prometheus, ELK, KeyCloak, GraphQL, TypeScript, JavaScript, React, React Native, Next.JS, Rush.JS, TailwindCSS, UnoCSS, Webpack, Vite, Jest. PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS-S3, AWS_Lambda, AWS-EKS, AWS-EC2, AWS-CloudFront, AWS-DynamoDB. Google Ad Words, Kevel Ad Platform.

Data Stack:

R, TidyVerse, Airbyte, AWS-S3 AWS-DataLake, AWS-Athena, AWS-Glue, Apache Superset, PowerBI, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Machine Learning, Applied AI


MSc. Bioinformatics

University of the Western Cape

BSc. Electronic Engineering

University of Natal


Chief Technology Officer

Private Property
Dec 2019 - Present
Durban, South Africa - Remote

Modernised the number 2 property portal in South Africa by successfully building a culture of delivery, collaboration and technical mastery in the technology team. Conceptualised and led the migration of processes, systems and product changes across all business units.

I established the use of SCRUM methodologies in software development teams and promoted agile project management throughout the business. This resulted in more efficient and effective software development processes.

In addition, I up-skilled the existing technology team on cloud technologies and modern software development practices, reducing the need for large-scale team changes and ensuring our team was equipped with the latest tools and techniques.

I led the design and implementation of a cutting-edge technology platform refresh, which significantly improved our ability to deliver quality software with a small team under tight deadlines.

I also championed consumer-first product management and a user experience refresh, ensuring that our products were designed with our customers in mind.

Finally, I managed multiple teams, including Software Development, DevOps, IT Ops, Business Analysis, UX, Data Analytics, Product Management, IT Support, CRM Development, and Business Support. Through my leadership, these teams were able to collaborate more effectively, resulting in higher quality outputs and better overall results.

Technology & Innovation Specialist

SA Home Loans
Aug 2018 - Nov 2019
Durban, South Africa

I established a data driven culture using R-based data pipeline and analysis processes, leading to more informed business decisions.

I created credit model visualization tools, which helped to better understand the key factors impacting credit risk, leading to more accurate risk assessments.

I developed a number of business prototypes such as innovative chat-bots for client engagement, providing a more interactive and personalized customer experience, machine learning-based loan default models and customer sentiment models.

I created business process execution analytics, which provided insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of our business processes, identifying areas for improvement and optimisation.

Chief Architect

SA Home Loans
May 2012 - Nov 2019
Durban, South Africa

As one of the earliest adopters of Docker in the financial sector I modernised the software architecture using a cloud and open source approach.

I drove the modernisation of the virtualisation infrastructure from proprietary VMWare to OpenStack and eventually to AWS. To improve the deployment processes I introduced DevOps processes and culture which drastically increased developer productivity while improving deployment repeatability. Furthermore, I designed and implemented a state-of-the-art monitoring and logging platform that provided deep insight into system performance. This platform allowed us to identify and quickly address issues, ensuring that our systems were always operating at peak efficiency.

I created high-performance business process modeling systems that effectively managed the day-to-day digital operations of the business. Through my efforts, our team was able to significantly streamline our processes, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

I championed a learning culture by developing substantial in-house training programmes to up-skill staff on various technologies.


Setta Furniture
Aug 2010 - Feb 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
I founded a flat­pack furniture manufacturing business, including the manufacture of custom built CNC machinery that automated the manufacturing process.

Co-founder, Lead Software Architect

Elzaris Technologies
May 2004 - Jan 2008
Durban, South Africa

I established a successful software consulting business, providing expert guidance and support to clients across a range of industries.

In addition, I led software development consulting services at large financial institutions, providing innovative solutions to complex problems and driving digital transformation within the organizations.

I designed and built a range of database tools, which were sold as a downloadable product. These tools provided customers with powerful capabilities to visualise and document their databases.

Chief Engineering Manager

Skye Advanced Technologies
Jan 2000 - Mar 2004
Durban, South Africa

Skye Advanced Technologies was a software engineering solutions provider specialising in artificial intelligence and telecommunications planning.

I led high-value international consulting projects for a USA-based telecommunications partner in multiple European countries, successfully acquiring multiple broadband spectrum licenses. This allowed the partner to expand their operations and better serve customers in these regions.

In addition, I led the creation of a radio frequency planning software platform with integrated geographic information system capabilities. This platform provided powerful planning capabilities for large telecommunications businesses in Europe and the USA, enabling them to optimize their network operations and better serve their customers.


Skye Advanced Technologies
Dec 1996 - Dec 1999
Durban, South Africa

Skye Advanced Technologies was a software engineering solutions provider specialising in artificial intelligence and telecommunications planning.

I created and deployed artificial intelligence solutions for several large South African industrial corporations. These solutions helped to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

In addition, I created software that digitized South African contour map data into three-dimensional topological models. These models were used for radio frequency planning by South African telecommunication providers, providing powerful planning capabilities and helping to optimize their network operations.